Respite Care

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Respite Care

Taking care of the caregiver.

Taking care of an elderly, sick or dependent loved one offers many rewards, but it can also take a toll on your personal life. Respite care offers family caregivers temporary relief from caring for individuals with various needs. An essential part of an overall home care support strategy, respite care is available in the home or in a variety of out-of-home settings for any length of time.

We help prevent "caregiver burnout"

GTA Home Health Care respite helps reduce stress — helping to preserve stability within the family unit.
Adult Respite With a competent, reliable service provider on hand providing oversight and care to your loved one, you are free to leave for a specified period to attend to your own needs. Alzheimer's Respite Care Caring for a loved one with Alzheimer's disease can be time-consuming and physically and emotionally draining. Time off for the primary caregiver is critical to prevent burnout and relieve stress. Alzheimer's Respite Care service provides primary caregivers a much-needed break from their duties so they can return rested and refreshed. Hospital Support Skilled nurses or personal support workers offer support by staying with your loved one and by keeping family members up-to-date during some or all of the hospital stay. Overnight With overnight care and support, you can enjoy a worry-free sleep knowing assistance is available throughout the night. Services include assistance going to bed, toileting, personal hygiene and skin care. Our caregivers are awake and ready all night for whatever is needed. Duties may include administering medication, changing wound dressings or engaging in other skilled tasks. Caregiver assignment (nursing or personal support workers) is dependent upon services required. New Baby Bringing a newborn home can be a stressful event. A little extra help around the house in the first few weeks after birth can ease the transition. We offer a full range of support services for new parents and their babies, including bathing, diapering, feeding, sitting or just freeing you to attend to other tasks including much need "mommy time" to pamper and refresh yourself.