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GTA Home Health Care is a private provider of services to people, young and old, specializing in private, home and palliative care services every day, 24 hours a day. GTA Home Health Care provides registered and non-registered caregivers to meet health and home care requirements. GTA Home Health Care also provides nurses and other health care specialists for private duty, including supplemental and relief staffing for institutional and government clients. GTA Home Health Care believes, that as part of the complete package, health and wellness is an integral part of taking care of our friends. Exercise in the home or outdoors is key to our well being. Our Purpose Assisting people to reach and maintain their highest level of competency and independence through safeguarding, integrity, respect and care. Our Mission We are dedicated to providing excellent human services that will enhance the lives of individuals. With efficiency, dedication and the passion for what we do, we strive to provide the highest measurable quality supports for the people and organizations we serve, our employees, and our communities. We serve with skill, compassion, respect and care. Helping you to stay safely in your home as long as you can. Taking one day at a time, making one life easier every day. That is our pledge to you. Our Values At GTA Home Health Care we have adopted the "Quality Way" as the cornerstone of the company. Five principles dictate the level of service we commit to provide in our relationships. These principles of the Quality Way are: • Client focus • Employee focus • Open communication • Managing for success • Providing direction GTA Home Health Care creates direction by envisioning the kind of company we want to be and making that vision a reality by promoting high quality services and enjoying the work we do. We focus on our clients – the people we serve – for whom without we have no purpose. We focus on our employees, who without we cannot provide the level of service that we are dedicated to. We strive to ensure that both groups have their needs met. In keeping with this focus, we use a hands-on, open communication approach with our co-workers, associates and the people we support. We believe in the human approach. We also manage our work by measuring our successes and always looking for ways to meet the unique needs of all the individuals receiving our services. These are the guiding principles for every segment of the company. The Quality Way of GTA Home Health Care is how we do business and it's what sets us apart. Our Presence There are no boundaries for us. We go where we are needed. Our Relationships GTA Home Health Care believes in long-term partnerships with stakeholders that are committed to quality care. GTA Home Health Care is dedicated to serving our clients, their families and our community.

butterflyMeet the Owners GTA Home Health Care is owned and operated by Doug Wells & Ginger Quinn.   Read more »